Permian Pond (Deluxe Jungle Swamp)

Permian Pond (Deluxe Jungle Swamp)

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Expand the Aurora layout with the Jurassic Arts Permian Jungle Swamp. The base is designed in the same shape as the Aurora ceratopsian bases to create a more dynamic diorama. This kit includes:

- 2 Sigillaria

- 1 Duisbergia

- 4 Horsetails

- 2 tree stumps

- 1 Sunken Log

- Permian Salamander

- Juvenile Koolasuchus

- Rock


The kit also includes several small creatures crawling out of the pond (Henodus/XXX/XXX) to create a mixed time scene that can also accommodate the small creatures and trees from the Aurora Jungle Swamp and connects to the Jurassic Arts Carboniferous Forest.

21 pieces. 8" wide x 10" deep x 7" high. Assembly Required. Does not include carboniferous forest or any original Aurora Jungle Swamp pieces. Not for children.

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